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Atec specialists work in synergy with managers and building contractors, in order to analyze different building problems directly at construction site. Client’s satisfaction can be reached combining more than 40 planned and patented solutions made of products and technologies. Atec costumer assistance is guaranteed and continued before, during an after product sale, just to study with the insiders the best compounding between products and way to use.


Atec specialists will analyze and check up the specific construction problem directly at yard and project the right customized solutions, planning products and technologies.

  • Planned solutions
  • Check up at construction site
  • Technical report

Under client’s request, Atec technicians will give assistance to indicate the best way to use products and their application. Atec experts will transfer to constructors the technologies studied to apply products, just to minimize any margin of error.

  • Application advices
  • Problem solving
  • Products detailed information