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Atec company is specialized in searching, producing and commercializing products and advanced solutions for industrial and civil building construction and monument restoration, ecologically oriented. All Atec technologies and products are manufactured and patented by a twenty years experienced technicians and engineers, who have always worked in building construction. The company features high quality and specific product lines and technologies, also standing out for the formulation of integrated cycles of reclamation, restoration, dehumidification, waterproofing and finishing interventions. All the products are tested respecting strict control quality standard.
Atec aim is to keep on investing in science of buildings production, in order to understand the human habitat, and make people understand it, to improve integration in harmony between human being and his urban and housing environment.

Company profile

Atec has made the strategic choice to set up a privileged relationship with customers and clients, a relationship based on complete collaboration. The client can find in Atec strategic solutions planned on every single construction demand, full time mentoring and specialised techniciansí assistance on site. All Atec services are made possible by an international sales network, making Atec the ideal partner for designers, architects and engineers.

Company strategy

By Atec support, all the building managers, engineers or restorers can find high performance products and assistance to application in order to optimize products potential. Every construction challenge has just found its own solutions with Atec, the company that put together know-how and technology to increase the value of building. Atec continues to evolve itself: because from scientific research the client can find his satisfaction.

Company issue

Atec founds its values on three fundamental bases: strategy, search and environmental ethic. Company issue is to go on investing in:

  • Climate preservation and reduction of polluting agents;
  • Use of biotechnological raw materials;
  • Safe working environment;
  • Monitoring on local territory impact;
  • Meeting and events on building construction ecologically oriented


Atec take best care of European administrative directives UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001, about production, quality and environment, working continuously on raw to respect and improve the CE certification named PERRY JOHNSON REGISTRARS, INC dedicated to building construction and restoration.

Environment preservation

Atec is strictly convinced that company growing and development must wholeheartedly face the environmental and climate protection. In this way, Atec intends to join together high performing technology and production with the whole respect for energy saving and reduction of polluting emission in atmosphere.